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Water and Depression, Stress and Anxiety

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Depression is another mood disorder that can cause someone to feel sad, helpless and hopeless for an extended period of time. The body’s ability to detoxify is impaired when dehydrated which will also cause a shortage in tryptophan. Studies have shown that lower levels of these amino acids can contribute to the feelings of dejection and inadequacy, as well as feelings of anxiety.

There are many different levels and types of depression, and the length of time it lasts also varies greatly on the person. Treatment for depression is usually through medication aptly called antidepressants. Sometimes these pills can cause dehydration, which means they need to be taken with plenty of water. Eating healthy and exercising, like with most medical conditions, is a great way to feel and be healthy. Exercise is a natural stimulant to many hormones, serotonin being one of them. As little as 15-20 minutes every day will naturally release these feel-good hormones that are vital to feeling happy and calm. Along with this would mean cutting out alcohol and caffeine, which can not only dehydrate, but also have adverse effects on the medication. And speaking of the drugs, one major side effect of some of the popular antidepressants is constipation. Being hydrated is crucial to comfort with this.

Some Home Remedies

Aside from drinking water there are several home remedies that you can try to help with anxiety, depression or stress. Start by eating wisely, this means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and watching your caffeine intake. Several foods such as almonds, avocados, bananas, lima beans, vitamin B rich foods, and omega-3 fats can help trigger the production of serotonin. Quality sleep is much more important than quantity sleep. Lastly, hydrotherapy is a calming remedy for stress and anxiety. Taking a warm bath with an herbal supplement can do wonders for the body and soul. Sounds like a cliché, but the hot water will literally ease muscle tension. The soothing herbs and the quiet spell can just allow the mind to escape. If you need a lift, don’t forget about the simple power of just spending time with your family members and friends.

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